Fake video solved.

A Patented Security Solution

Amber solves the challenge of maliciously-altered video with fingerprinting and integrity tracking, from recording to distribution, on the blockchain.

audio and video

Integrity tracking
on the blockchain

Frictionless video


You can't trust audio and video.

Video can be edited to seem genuine.

The tools are becoming commonplace.

Bad actors will maliciously alter recordings.

Doubt and distrust will be sowed.


Amber: security technology to authenticate audio & video.

Amber's patented approach fingerprints audio and video to address the looming challenge of maliciously-altered recordings (think: Photoshopping for video i.e. fake video). The novel method then tracks their provenance using smart contracts and a blockchain, and allows the integrity of a video to be followed, from recording through to delivery, even when it has been cut or if its segments have been included in other content.

The result is a security software that disintermediates trust and gives stakeholders unequivocal confidence in the recordings' authenticity, while being lightweight and built for the scale of Internet distribution.

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Video veracity, at scale.

Shamir Allibhai

Video-tech product, business.
MA, Harvard Univ.

Roderick Hodgson

video technologies expert.

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