Fake video solved.

A Patented Security Solution

Prevent fraud with an advanced provenance & media forensics platform

Amber Authenticate 

Fingerprint source
videos & track provenance with blockchain smart contracts.

 Use Cases:

Police body / security cams, evidence mgmt, multi-stakeholder situations.

Amber Detect 

Detect synthetic fakes of unknown source with AI and deepfakes counter systems.

Use Cases:

UGC video platforms, fraud/investigations departments (eg. insurance), evidence analysis, brand safety.

The Amber Solution 

Seamlessly integrate Authenticate and Detect products into your workflow for frictionless video
veracity, at scale.

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to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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You can't trust audio and video.

Video can be edited to seem genuine.

The tools are becoming commonplace.

Bad actors will maliciously alter recordings.

Fraud, disinfo, and propaganda will thrive.


Amber: video verification technology

Amber is the authentication infrastructure, or what we call the “truth layer,” for video veracity to combat the looming challenge of fake video and deepfakes. We have patented and productized our robust enterprise security SaaS tools so you can prevent fraud, reputation loss, and stakeholder mistrust.



Amber Detect

Amber Detect uses signal processing and artificial intelligence to identify maliciously-altered audio and video, such as that of deepfakes, and which is intended to sow disinformation and distrust. Detect is for customers who need to analyze the authenticity of videos, the source of which is unknown.



Amber Authenticate

Amber Authenticate fingerprints recordings at source and then tracks their chain of custody using smart contracts and blockchains, from capture through to playback, even when the video is cut and combined. Authenticate is for multistakeholder situations, such as with governments and some parts of the private sector, where multiple parties need to have unequivocal confidence in the authenticity of the recordings and their provenance.



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Video veracity, at scale.

Shamir Allibhai

Shamir Allibhai

Video-tech product/business,
AI  startup, Harvard Univ.

Roderick Hodgson


Cybersecurity, BBC R&D,
video technologies expert

Shaherose Charania

Shaherose Charania

Innovation Fellow, Nike
Founder, Women 2.0

Christopher Porter

Christopher Porter

Chief Strategist, FireEye
Previously: C.I.A.

Jamil Jaffer


VP of BD, IronNet
Cybersecurity (KPCB-backed)

David Doermann

David Doermann

Prof., Univ. at Buffalo. Exploitation expert. Prev: MediFor, DARPA

Josh Mitchell


Cybersecurity expert on police body cameras. Consultant, Nuix

Amyn Gilani


Chief Technologist,
Booz Allen Hamilton

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